The Commander's Commander
Dr. James Boice on 01/16/2018
The Covenant People and the Covenant Sign
Dr. James Boice on 01/15/2018

Think & Act Biblically

Sheep That Conquer, Tuesday

A person would never expect this psalm to be a lament from reading the beginning stanzas. This is because it begins with a remembrance of God's past acts of deliverance (vv. 1-8), and these by their very nature are both positive and grounds for thanksgiving. At this point we would expect the psalm t

Sheep That Conquer, Monday

“God never sleeps,” wrote the Scottish commentator Murdoch Campbell in his opening observation on this psalm.1 Maybe not, but he seems to, at least at times. He seems to be sleeping when his people cry out to him in their troubles.Read more...The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is member support

An Upward Look by a Downcast Soul, Part 5

He challenges himself to do what should be done. The second step in the battle against depression follows from the act of addressing oneself in this manner. Indeed, it is a part of it. It is to challenge oneself to do what the spiritual self well knows should be done: "Put your hope in God." There c