The Bible Study Hour
thinkact_qklktp on 05/17/2024

Friday: Showing God’s Love

Today we will look at the section of 1 Corinthians 13 which says that love will endure even when things like prophecies, tongues and the quest for knowledge have ceased. And we’ll see why love is more important even than such enduring things as faith and hope. [Love]…always protects, always trusts,

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/16/2024

Thursday: What Love Does

Today we're continuing our look at Paul's commentary on love from 1 Corinthians 13: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/14/2024

Tuesday: Two Characteristics

As we talk about the significance of love, we must not get overly sentimental, since love is not some mushy emotion that embraces all, forgives all, forgets all and requires nothing. The danger of an essay like Henry Drummond’s, which we looked at yesterday, is that it encourages just those sentimen

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/13/2024

Monday: The Preeminent Christian Virtue

After the first two verses of Romans 12, which establish the principles by which sound doctrine is to be applied to godly living, Paul has begun to write about the church. Yet his words are no abstract theologizing. He is thinking of the people who make up the church, and his words have to do first

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/10/2024

Friday: Leadership and Mercy

I want to end this week's study on spiritual gifts by looking at the remaining two gifts in the listing of Romans 12:6-8.I want to end this week’s study on spiritual gifts by looking at the remaining two gifts in the listing of Romans 12:6-8. Leadership. Isn’t it interesting that Paul includes leade

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/09/2024

Thursday: Encouraging and Contributing

Today we'll look at the gifts of encouraging and contributing to the needs of others. These gifts are important to the ministry of Christ's body, as are the other gifts we've talked about this week.Today we’ll look at the gifts of encouraging and contributing to the needs of others. These gifts are

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/08/2024

Wednesday: Serving and Teaching

Today let's look at two more of the gifts God gives us for the building up of His body of believers.Today let’s look at two more of the gifts God gives us for the building up of His body of believers. Serving. This Greek word is sometimes also translated “ministry” and applied to the “ministry [that

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/07/2024

Tuesday: Prophesying

We know that we have all been given spiritual gifts, but what exactly are these gifts? That is not an easy question to answer, because every time there is a listing of the gifts in the New Testament, the specific items differ. Ephesians 4:11 seems to give the most basic list: apostles, prophets, eva

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/06/2024

Monday: A Diversity of Gifts

Last week we started to look at the doctrine of the Church as it is presented to us under the image of Christ’s body. This is a very rich image, and we saw two things it teaches. First, it teaches what it is to be a member of the church. To be a church member means to be a part of Christ’s body, and

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/03/2024

Friday: Working for Unity

Since we are part of a body with many members, what is the challenge we face in an individualistic age like ours? Well, the answer is not the ecumenical movement. Our task is not to create the unity of the body, above all not from the top down. The unity of the body is a given for those who are “in

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/02/2024

Thursday: Divisions in the Church

Although the Bible calls the Church a body, believing in one God and one way of salvation, we have ourselves split the Church—at least the Church that people see. John Stott’s concern in the book One People is that we have done it by dividing the clergy from the laity. His book is designed to recapt

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thinkact_qklktp on 05/01/2024

Wednesday: One Church

There is a second important truth about the Church taught by Paul's image of it as Christ's body. Not only does that image define the Church as the community of those who have been joined to Christ. It also teaches that there is but one Church. That is, there are not multiple churches, even less mut

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/30/2024

Tuesday: Called by God

Paul's image is very helpful at this point. For when he speaks of the body of Christ, obviously he is speaking of those who belong to Christ, who are joined to Him in exactly the sense in which he speaks about our being joined to Christ in Romans 5 and elsewhere. This is a spiritual reality, invisib

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/29/2024

Monday: The Church as Christ’s Body

Anyone who is interested in the doctrine of the church and senses its importance must be a bit surprised to notice how little the word "church" actually occurs in the Bible. The word is not found in the Old Testament at all. The first time it occurs is in Matthew 16:18, then again in Matthew 18:17.

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/26/2024

Friday: Serving and Working for God’s Glory

In discussing right relationships and ministry within the body, Paul speaks specifically of spiritual gifts, that is, those that are to be exercised for spiritual ends within the fellowship and outreach of the church: prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, contributing to the needs of others,

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/25/2024

Thursday: “With the Measure of Faith”

The second phrase Paul uses in Romans 12:3 for thinking rightly about ourselves is "in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you." This is a little bit more than simply seeing ourselves as made in the image of God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God and having part in the overall plan of

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/24/2024

Wednesday: Thinking Too Lowly

Our look at right relationships brings us to another very real problem in self-evaluation: thinking too lowly of ourselves, or false humility. When we think too lowly of ourselves we exude a false kind of humility. Sometimes this is really pride, because when we tell people bad things about ourselve

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/23/2024

Tuesday: Thinking Too Highly

In discussing right relationships, there are two possible errors in self-evaluation, and Paul suggests both of them in what he says: first, to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think; and second, to think too lowly of ourselves, which is to have a false humility. Today I want to spend

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/22/2024

Monday: A Right Estimate of Ourselves

Some time ago I came across the story of a man who imagined himself to be quite spiritual. He was talking with a more mature friend, and he asked his friend to pray for him that he might be humble. “Pray for me that I might be nothing,” he said. His friend replied with some wisdom, probably thinking

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/19/2024

Friday: Proving the Lord’s Will

The Lord Jesus Christ took it upon Himself to prove that God's will was indeed good, pleasing and perfect, even though it involved the pain of the cross, which in itself hardly seemed good, pleasing or acceptable.The Lord Jesus Christ took it upon Himself to prove that God’s will was indeed good, pl

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/18/2024

Thursday: Living in God’s Way

We need to prove by our experience that the will of God is indeed what Paul tells us it is, that is, that it is good, pleasing, and perfect. We need to check it out. Moreover, it is by checking it out that we will begin to find out what it actually is. This is the exact opposite of our normal way of

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/17/2024

Wednesday: Good, Pleasing and Perfect

The will of God that we are talking about is good, pleasing and perfect. In other words, it teaches about the nature of God’s will for us as well as the fact that God has one. 1. The will of God is good. In a general way the will of God for every Christian, regardless of who he or she is, is reveale

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/16/2024

Tuesday: God’s Will for Every Christian

In this verse "will" is to be interpreted in its context, and the context indicates that the will of God that we are encouraged to follow is the general will of offering our bodies to God as living sacrifices, refusing to be conformed to the world's ways, and instead being transformed from within by

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/15/2024

Monday: The Better Way

I find it significant that this is where Paul's statements about being transformed by the renewing of our minds, rather than being conformed to the patterns of this world, end. They end with proving the way of God to be the best way and the will of God to be perfect.Some time ago, the staff of The B

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