The Bible Study Hour
thinkact_qklktp on 04/12/2024

Friday: Redeemed for Glory

The doctrine of redemption—the fact that "God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16)—infinitely intensifies man's value, because it teaches that even in his fallen condition in which he hates God and kill

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/11/2024

Thursday: The Doctrine of Sin

If human beings are more important and more valuable than the humanists imagine, why is it that things are so bad? The answer is the Christian doctrine of sin, which tells us that although people are more valuable than secularists imagine, they are in worse trouble than the humanists can admit. We h

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/10/2024

Wednesday: The Doctrine of Man

If we are to have renewed minds, we need to stop thinking about ourselves and other people as the world thinks of itself and others and instead begin operating within a biblical framework. But what does that mean? Well, when we turn to the Bible to see what it has to say about human beings, we find

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Tuesday: Our Obsession with Ourselves

In the last twenty years something terrible has happened to Americans in the way we relate to other people, and it is due to the twisted humanism we looked at yesterday. Christians have become conformed to the world in this area, and we must take a good hard look at this to be sure we don’t get swep

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/08/2024

Monday: Humanism

In our last study from Romans 12, I introduced the Christian doctrines of God and revelation as the biblical response to the world's way of thinking. The Christian doctrine of God is the Bible's answer to secularism, humanism, relativism and materialism. The only one I did not write about explicitly

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/05/2024

Friday: Waiting for the Great Reversal

Or I think of Paul. He had been on the side of Christ’s enemies. He was one who had a vested interest in unbelief. He didn’t want to lose his traditions. He didn’t want to have to change his life. He didn’t want to have to turn his back on all that he had achieved in Judaism. Thus, in his supposed z

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/04/2024

Thursday: The Reaction of Jesus’ Friends

But now I want you to look at something else. I want you to turn from thinking about those enemies of Christ, who are exemplified by the soldiers and the priests on that first Easter Sunday, and instead I want you to focus on Christ’s friends, those who learned of the resurrection and who met with J

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/03/2024

Wednesday: A Bizarre Idea

Here's a case, which like so many others, shows us a man who proposes a theory to explain away the reality of the resurrection. And instead of being rebuffed or forgotten, as Schofield and his book should have been, he is rewarded. It's a case of rewards instead of punishments.Let me give another ex

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/02/2024

Tuesday: When Unbelief Is Rewarded

The soldiers had left their post, and the tomb was empty. They must have been terrified, wondering what was going to happen to them. After the religious leaders met together, they did not seek to have the soldiers punished. Instead, the guards were told to lie about what had happened. They were to

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thinkact_qklktp on 04/01/2024

Monday: The Resurrection and Jesus’ Enemies

Each year at Easter time, when I turn to these stories of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I find myself wondering what I'm going to find new to preach on. When you've been doing this as many years as I have now, you begin to have the feeling that you have preached just about everything you can, gi

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/29/2024

Friday: When Opposition Comes

How perverse are the sinful hearts of men. When Jesus was dying on the cross the leaders had taunted him, saying, "Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him" (Matt. 27:42). But now Jesus had done something even greater than that. He had been raised from death. Did they believe

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/28/2024

Thursday: Go and Tell Others

We concluded yesterday by looking at what we should see when we look into Christ's empty grave. I had pointed out the first three of the five Spurgeon mentions. We'll continue that in today's lesson with the fourth point, the most important one. We must look into the tomb to see that Jesus is not in

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/27/2024

Wednesday: Four Angelic Imperatives

The way these accounts fit together makes the narrative compelling, and it may not be overstating the case to say, as Matthew Arnold once did, that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is “the best attested fact in history.” People who have studied the evidence for the resurrection have found this to be

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/26/2024

Tuesday: The First Easter Morning

It is not difficult to put the details of the narratives together. Jesus had been crucified either on Friday (which the church has traditionally believed) or else on Thursday (which is less widely held but, in my judgment, seems to fit the evidence better).1 In any case, Jesus lay in the tomb until

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/25/2024

Monday: Bodily Resurrection

The only resurrection that counts for anything is a resurrection of the body. The disciples knew Jesus' resurrection was real when they touched His body, and it was only because of their deeply grounded conviction that He was raised that they were willing to launch out from their obscure corner of t

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Friday: Our Highest Aim

In 1989, Westerners were astounded by the political changes in Eastern Europe. Country after country repudiated its seventy-two-year Communist heritage and replaced its leaders with democratically elected officials. We rejoiced in these changes, rightly. But, though the American media with its blind

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/21/2024

Thursday: The Answer to Materialism

If there is a God and if he has made us to have eternal fellowship with him, then we are going to look at failure, suffering, pain and even death differently. For the Christian these can never be the greatest of all tragedies. They are bad. Death is an enemy (1 Cor. 15:26). But they are overbalanced

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/20/2024

Wednesday: God Has Spoken

To avoid being conformed to the world we must also understand the doctrine of revelation. The God who exists has revealed Himself. Do you remember how Francis Schaeffer put it in the title of one of his books? He called it, He Is There and He Is Not Silent.1 That is exactly the point. God is there,

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/19/2024

Tuesday: Beginning with God

Where do we start if we want not to conform to this world? There is a sense in which we could begin at any point, since truth is a whole and truth in any area will inevitably lead to truth in every other area. But if the dominant philosophy of our day is secularism (which means viewing all of life o

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/18/2024

Monday: Thinking Christianly

As believers we need to reject the world's thinking and begin to think as Christians. This is what the apostle Paul is writing about in our text from Romans 12:2: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This means that our thinking i

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/15/2024

Friday: Our Minds Matter

This week we've looked at different ways that "the pattern of this world" eases its way into our worldview. And this is the point at which we also need to talk about genuine mind renewal for Christians, which is what I will continue with next week.This week we’ve looked at different ways that “the p

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/14/2024

Thursday: Religion as Entertainment

Sadly enough, “the pattern of this age” weaves itself into even apparently spiritual things. This is especially true in many religious television programs. Religion is on television chiefly in an entertainment format. With the possible exception of Billy Graham, who has an international following qu

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/13/2024

Wednesday: An Attack on Thinking

A great deal of what Postman develops in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, is reinforcement for what I have been describing as mindlessness. And “the pattern of this age” today is certainly mindless. So let me review two specific areas of bad influence, as he sees it. There is a chapter in the b

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thinkact_qklktp on 03/12/2024

Tuesday: The Triumph of Images

Television is certainly capable of imprinting "the pattern of this world" on us. An academic study of the negative impact of television on culture has been provided by a man named Neil Postman, a professor of communication arts and sciences at New York University. It is called Amusing Ourselves to D

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