The Bible Study Hour
thinkact_qklktp on 02/23/2024

Friday: God’s Mercy and Grace to Us

Rather than striking Paul dead, instead Jesus sent him to Damascus where he would be told what he should do. When the message came to him by a disciple named Ananias, it was that he was to be God’s “chosen instrument to carry [God’s] name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of

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Thursday: Mercy to the Apostle Paul

Imagine yourself in Adam's place, living through what I have described. God had told Adam and Eve that they would die, but they had not died. There had been judgments, of course, consequences. Sin always has consequences. But they had not been struck down; and, in fact, God had even announced the co

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Wednesday: Mercy to Adam and Eve

This is not the first time we have had to think about mercy in studying Romans. Mercy is one of three words often found together: goodness, grace and mercy. “Goodness” is the most general term, involving all that emanates from God: His decrees, His creation, His laws, His providences. It extends to

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Tuesday: “In View of God’s Mercy”

What is it that motivates Christians to live a Christian life? Or to use Paul’s language in Romans 12:1, what is it that motivates them “to offer [their] bodies as living sacrifices…to God”? If you and I were as rational as we think we are and sometimes claim to be, we would not need any encourageme

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/19/2024

Monday: Motivations

What is it that motivates people to achieve all they are capable of achieving or to “be all that you can be,” as the Army recruitment ads have it? There are a number of answers. One way to motivate people is to challenge them. Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, tel

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Friday: Pleasing to God

The final word Paul uses to describe how we should present our bodies to God as living sacrifices is "pleasing." But this is also a conclusion for what I have been saying this week since the point is that if we do what Paul has urged us to do, namely, to offer our "bodies as living sacrifices, holy…

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/15/2024

Thursday: Holy Sacrifices

Paul uses the word "holy" to indicate the nature of the sacrifices we are to offer God. Any sacrifice must be holy. That is, it must be without spot or blemish and be consecrated entirely to God. Anything less is an insult to the great and holy God we serve. But how much more must we be holy who hav

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Wednesday: Giving God Our Bodies

Another thing we need to see about the nature of the sacrifice God requires is that it involves the giving to God of our bodies. Some of the older commentators stress that offering our bodies really means offering ourselves, all we are. Calvin wrote, “By bodies he means not only our skin and bones,

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/13/2024

Tuesday: A Living Sacrifice

What exactly is meant by "sacrifice"? How are we to do it? The first point is the obvious one. The sacrifice is to be a living sacrifice rather than a dead one. This was quite a novel idea in Paul's day, of course, though we have lost this by becoming overly familiar with it.What exactly is meant by

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/12/2024

Monday: Offering Ourselves to God

We are to sacrifice ourselves for Jesus, of course, if we love Him. Jesus said, "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13), and He did it for us. He did it literally...Now, because He loved us and gave Himself for us, we who love Him are likewise to

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Friday: Living Sacrifices

Paul's words in Romans 12:1-2 are an urgent appeal to us to do something, to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God. This is not done for us. It is something we must do. This leads to the fourth and final foundational truth. It is the "obedience that comes from faith," which Paul wrote about ea

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/08/2024

Thursday: The Blessed Life

So I ask, who are you willing to believe? Yourself, reinforced by the world and its way of thinking? Or Jesus Christ? I say "Jesus" specifically, because I want to remind you of His teaching from the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount. He speaks there about how to be happy. Indeed, the word is eve

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/07/2024

Wednesday: “Died to Sin”

Redemption from sin by Christ is not the only doctrine the Christian life of self-sacrifice is built on. A second foundation is our having died to the past by having become new creatures in Christ, if we are truly converted. We studied this teaching in Romans 6 where Paul argued, much as he is going

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/06/2024

Tuesday: Redeemed

The principle of sacrifice is so foundational to the doctrine of the Christian life that we must be very careful to lay it out correctly, and in order to do that we need to review the foundations for this foundation. The first foundation of this foundational teaching is that we are not our own but r

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thinkact_qklktp on 02/05/2024

Monday: The Principle of Self-Sacrifice

I do not like the word "paradox" used in reference to Christian teachings, because to most people the word refers to something that is self-contradictory or false. Christianity is not false. But the dictionary also defines "paradox" as any statement that seems to be contradictory, yet may be true in

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Friday: The Difference True Conversion Makes

True conversion makes a difference in a person's life. If there are no differences, there is no genuine conversion. But what are the differences? They are precisely those that are spelled out in the remaining chapters of this letter. Laws in themselves change nothing, or at least very little. It is

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Thursday: Connecting the Doctrine

"Therefore" is a linking word, as I have said. We have looked back to what it refers to. Now we should look forward to see what the doctrinal material of chapters 1-11 connects with. I am handling it in seven sections.“Therefore” is a linking word, as I have said. We have looked back to what it refe

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Wednesday: The Importance of “Therefore”

In Monday's study I commented on Francis Schaeffer's book How Should We Then Live?, saying that "then" is the all-important word. Now I note that when we come to the first verse of Romans 12 we discover exactly the same thing, only in this case the important word is "therefore."In Monday’s study I c

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Tuesday: The Necessity of God’s Revelation

In the 1992 presidential election, we heard a lot about “family values.” I believe in family values. But an appeal to “family values” without a corresponding acknowledgment of God’s existence, God’s law and the biblical revelation as a basis for them will always have a hollow ring and sound purely p

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thinkact_qklktp on 01/29/2024

Monday: Doctrine Applied

With the start of chapter 12, we come in our studies of Paul's letter to the Romans to the practical section of the book. Ours is a practical age and most people want "practical" teaching. But to call these chapters practical suggests that the doctrinal sections are not practical, and whenever we fi

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Friday: Being Faithful in Our Calling

I want you to notice a few last points as we end this study of the Acts of the Apostles. 1. The Gospel Paul preached in the twenty-eighth chapter of Acts is the same Gospel preached by Peter at the beginning. It was not a different Gospel because it was being preached to different people, by a diffe

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Thursday: Israel’s Rejection of the Gospel

We may wonder whether Paul was puzzled or discouraged by the Jews' reaction. I do not know the answer. I do not know whether Paul was discouraged or not. When we preach the Gospel even under the most adverse circumstances, we preach optimistically. We expect God to work. Since Paul met with this ver

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Wednesday: Jewish Disagreement

At his second meeting with the Jewish community in Rome, Paul preached the Gospel and did it all day long (v. 23). He began in the morning and went on until evening, declaring the kingdom of God and preaching Jesus. That is a sermon I would like to have heard. I do not think this would have been a m

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Tuesday: Two Meetings

The last verses of Acts describe two meetings the apostle Paul had with people in Rome. Three days after he arrived and got settled he called the leaders of the various Jewish communities in the city together. There were a number of synagogues in Rome at the time. The remains of some of them exist e

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